Enrollment to Single course units is an excellent opportunity for users interested in attending individual academic courses without being tied to a degree course programme. CIELS provides students with the chance of attending single course units  (courses activated as part of the three-year Bachelor’s degree in Linguistic Mediation Science, Ministerial Degree code L-12) and to take the exam for their path which shall lead to the issue of a specific certificate that can be subsequently inserted into their university and/or professional  curriculum. To acquire the academic credits assigned to the course, the single course unit may require the attendance to one or more modules/lectures. Besides, students need to pass the examination test for each course module.


Enrollment requirements

  • Valid secondary school diploma

Enrollment to single course units is compatible with admission to a course of study that leads to an academic degree.

Enrollment to single course units is not available for:

  • Students on leave of absence from our institution;
  • Students suspended from our institution;



Students enrolled in single course units can take their exams on the same exam dates fixed for all other students.

On request, they can obtain a certificate stating the courses attended, the exams and credits awarded.

Students enrolled to a single course unit who subsequently decide to enrol to a Degree Course/Graduate or Master’s Degree, can ask for a certificate of attendance and credits acquired upon passing the single course unit exams to be accredited and conferred on the new course.



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