Welcome in Campus Ciels!

Ciels is a university campus located in the historical city of Padova, home to the second-oldest university in the world. It is a young and dynamic school attracting students from all over Italy.

Ciels is a private university recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education and it offers several BA courses in Language Mediation and MA courses in Strategic Communication.
Our students can obtain a BA in Language Mediation choosing from a variety of curricula: Diplomacy, Tourism and International Business, Marketing and Criminology. Moreover, students can obtain a MA in Strategic Communication with different specializations: Web Marketing, Subtitling and dubbing, Specialistic Translation and Conference Interpreting.


Ciels Fact Sheet 2024-25

Bachelor Degree Incoming Students Guide 2024-25

Master Degree Incoming Students Guide 2024-25


INCOMING Online Learning Agreement:

Ciels has joined the Erasmus Without Paper Dashboard. This online platform is available to all Higher Education Institutions in Europe and was designed specifically for institutions that are currently not using any digital solution to manage their Erasmus mobility management.
It is a free-to-use tool providing the basic functionality needed to manage the mobility processes of Erasmus+. It also connects to the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Mobile App, allowing incoming and outgoing students to manage their mobility directly via the App.

To have more information: https://erasmusapp.eu/


Students with Special Needs

Ciels welcomes applications from disabled students.

Disabled students can rely on the support service offered by our institute and students who need psychological support are equally invited to contact us. Services can be requested by students who are planning to spend a semester or a year at Ciels. The International Relations Office will make sure that all students have proper access while pursuing their studies at Ciels and are able to participate fully in the university life.


The Padova campus offers several facilities to students, such as library, computer rooms with internet facilities, cantine and bar, sports facilites. Student accommodation can be found within walking distance. Our students can also apply for student housing with ESU, the local authority for the right to education .

The city centre is a ten-minute bus ride from the gate of the campus. The bus that stops in front of the Campus is n.3.

Padova is a strategic location for European students wishing to make the most of their learning experience in Italy: important cities home to ancient and renowned universities and libraries such as Venezia, Trieste, Bologna, Mantova, Ferrara, Milano, Torino, Roma and Napoli, are all easy to reach by train or bus.

Incoming students are encouraged to ask the coordinator (erasmus@ciels.it) for information and advice.


Incoming students who need a visa are invited to visit the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation at the following address: http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en