Campus CIELS

Campus CIELS is primarily aimed at being a cultural reference point in Italy and Europe, an institution, that is, in which scientific research, in addition to offering a contribution to the socio-economic development of the country, also ensures the continued improvement of the quality of educational training programs and to keep their content up to date. CIELS educational offer includes the three-year Bachelor’s degree in Linguistic Mediation Science (Ministerial Degree code L-12).

The curricula of the three-year Bachelor’s degree in Linguistic Mediation Science present some distinctive features that make them unique in the national university landscape, particularly in the framework of excellent language training as well as the development of professional skills that prove to be extremely useful to facilitate the entry of new graduates into the job market.

Our goal at CIELS is to appoint the student as the protagonist of the study and research in educational areas destined to be increasingly prominent in the future. To support the student in his career, CIELS has designed particular departments, managed and directed by the most authoritative and well-known lecturers nationwide, which can ensure a continuous training, targeted and complete, as well as offering seminars, advanced training courses, conferences with international guests and recruiting days open to CIELS students and the general public.

The outstanding results obtained so far and the experience of our lecturers have encouraged and favoured the re-proposition of CIELS university teaching offer, initially present only in the city of Padua and subsequently in other national areas of great interest.


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